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Property Valuation Services

With over 50 years of experience in the property market, the property valuation services our team of experts are able to offer are unrivalled. Since Aldermartin, Baines & Cuthbert’s establishment, our offices have been based in the heart of London, covering the capital and its surrounding areas.

We are proud to offer our property valuation services to a range of property types including:

  • Residential Property Valuations
  • Commercial Property Valuations
  • Business Property Valuations

The London and Greater London area property market is one of the most lucrative and valuable property markets to be found in the world today. We have the experience, knowhow and expertise to ensure that the valuation your property receives is totally reflective of its true value.

High quality and reputable property valuation is a highly specialised area within the property and estate agency market. It can be the difference between thousands of pounds of profit, savings or investment. Therefore, it is crucial that you turn to a name you can trust and a company London knows.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our property valuation team and the services they can offer you and your property.

Fill out our online form and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

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Our team comprises some of the property industry’s finest property valuation specialists, sales executives, legal experts and surveyors.

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[email protected]
020 8621 4000

    Tell us about your property

    • Value a Property with Aldermartin, Baines & Cuthbert

      Unlike many others, when you value a property with us, you will always receive a personal touch and a high quality of service from industry experts who are always keen to go the extra mile for clients and customers.

      We are accredited and approved by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and the Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM). This means that with us, you can always expect the highest levels of service.

      We make sure that you and your property receive the best services out there for all your property valuation needs. From the initial surveys, to the legalities, through to the paperwork leading to a buy, rental or sale, our property valuation team work closely with our sales, letting and management teams to make sure that you are best placed to not just value your property, but to know what to do next depending on your needs.

      We know London like no one else and have an intimate and intricate knowledge of the UK’s capital that ensures that we take all relevant factors into account when valuing your property.

      It is tremendously important to take the local areas and all they have to offer into account and out team know exactly what to look out for.

    • We Keep the Property Valuation Process Clear and Simple

      There is no need to over complicate things and when it comes to properties and the property market, over complication can turn into reduced profit, an inability to buy or sell a property, missing out on something very valuable or a combination of these.

      We pride ourselves on our ability to make things simple and efficient for all customers and clients so that everything that is done as part of the property valuation process and all else that proceeds it is efficient, effective and tailor made to each property.

      We will help you understand all the formalities, laws, rules and regulations relating to the valuation of your property.

    • A Property Valuation Expert on Hand for You

      We are always happy to provide you with your own, dedicated property valuation expert who will be best placed to take care of all aspects of your property and valuing it.

      Our valuation team are experts across the property spectrum and have a great deal of experience with all nature of properties including houses, flats, studios, maisonettes, business premises and everything else in between. We will make sure that the expert you deal with for your property or your property of interest knows the area better than anyone else.

      Amongst the many factors our team consider and take into account, we always take care of all the local and broader research. This includes:

      • Local property prices
      • Local amenities and attractions
      • Transport links
      • Planning permission availability in the area

      Whether a flat or studio as part of a larger project, a house, business premises and all else in between, our expert team of surveyors and property valuation experts are sure to give you the best services available in London and the UK.

    • Contact Us Today for a Property Valuation Report

      We are based in London and know the Greater London area better than all others. We have a team of experts, legal experts and surveyors who are on hand to answer your questions and concerns and who can get you on track for the property valuation you need.

      Call Us – 0208 621 000

      Email Us – [email protected]

      Whether it is for your own property, to sell or a valuation for another property you are looking to buy or invest in, our team are best placed to help. Simply fill in our quick and simple online form or phone or email us.