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Using an Estate Agent to Sell a Property

Using an estate agent in London to sell a property is a tried and tested route for success. While there are many who go it alone and sell a property privately, through auction or otherwise, the most successful, fastest and most convenient way to sell a property is via an estate agency.

All of the technicalities; the paperwork, the legalities and the phone calls from potential buyers are taken care of seamlessly by the agency that in the case of Aldermartin, Baines and Cuthbert, established estate agents in Edgware and the London area, have over 50 years of experience in selling properties in the London and Greater London area for the best prices and in the quickest time.

Anyone who has sold or tried to sell a property in London knows that the market is competitive and extremely difficult to navigate. However, using an established and trusted estate agency like ABC Estates allows you, the property owner to relax and simply await the inevitable sale of the property in question.

While you may have successfully have sold one, two or perhaps even numerous properties outside of London, the UK’s capital is one of the most competitive property markets in the world and one of the most difficult places to sell a property in the UK.

With ABC though it’s as easy as can be: Simply get in touch, we’ll take some details and ask a few easy questions and from there our expert London property sales team will take the helm and ensure your property is put on the market properly. They will then ensure that it acquires the best price possible.

Making Selling Properties Easy For You
Knowing the property market is imperative when you’re looking to sell a property. After all, it is the property market and its trends that will dictate the asking price of your property.

Expert Market Analysis
As part of the service you receive from an estate agency, market analysis comes as part and parcel of the package. Local, regional and national markets will all be looked at and analysed for you by experts in a way that you simply can’t do alone.

Furthermore, all enquiries and prospective buyers will be vetted by the estate agency to ensure only concrete buyers come through to the viewing phase of potentially acquiring your property.

Easy as ABC
With experts, professionals and experienced industry leaders, the databases of potential buyers and local resources are second to none. That is one of the reasons that so many satisfied customers have turned to ABC Estates over the years.

Putting everything into perspective; collating all of the important and necessary information for all parties involved in the sales process means that selling properties couldn’t be easier than when using ABC Estates.

In a time efficient and professional manner that you won’t find with any other estate agencies, your property’s sale will be as easy as ABC.

The Best Estate Agents in Greater London
Rather than having to try and test many of the estate agencies throughout the Greater London area, contacting our established sales team will ensure you get the most efficient and timely service to be found throughout the capital when looking to sell a property.

With over 50 years of experience and unrivalled industry experience and expertise, your property will be in the safest and most professional of hands. We will be there for you 24/7 no matter the time of year in a manner you just can’t find elsewhere.

Choosing an Estate Agent
When looking to buy, sell, rent, let or manage a property it is important to find an estate agent. It is the estate agent who is responsible for dealing with and managing the property in question. Choosing the correct estate agent that will work in your best interests is vital to the process of buying, selling, letting or managing properties and can make a difference to the prices and overall experience of dealing with the property in question. It is therefore important to ensure that the agent chosen works in your best interests and satisfies the parties involved.

Check Reviews of the Agency
It is always wise to do your research and check any online reviews on the estate agents you are considering. Furthermore, ask friends, family members and people you trust what their experience was like with the particular estate agent and consider using them if there are positive experiences all round. ‘For sale’ and ‘to let signs’ around the local area are often the initial research many carry out.

How Much Do Agents Cost?
Typically for sellers, estate agents will charge between 1% and 2.5% for a traditional sole agency agreement. The fees you will pay usually exclude VAT and if you were to pay. So for example, if your house were to be bought for £500,000, you would be paying between £5,000 and £12,500, depending on the terms and the arrangement. When deciding between different estate agents, try and get them to compete on cost – so you know you are getting and committing to the best deal possible.

Make sure you aware of what their fees truly cost – do they cover the marketing of the property you are trying to sell, let or manage? Do they include other costs like preparing the property details, such as tor sale or to let boards?

It is best to have these all included in the fees so you are not paying more than you are due, so make sure you inquire when in the process of deciding which estate agent is best for you.

Questions to ask Estate Agents
Some useful questions to ask potential estate agents include:

  • How long as the agency been established and how much personal experience does the estate agent have? What experience in the required service do they have?
  • How will the property be advertised; Will it be displayed in the shop window? In the local newspaper? On a property website such as Rightmove? Ask for examples of the advertising they have done for previous sales
  • What is their success rate to the time frame ratio? This is important if you are wanting to buy or sell your property quickly, or within a set space of time
  • Who will be in charge of viewing? This applies to both viewings of your property that you are wishing to buy or let, as well as organising viewing around properties for you to potentially buy or rent.
  • Will the estate agent be present at all viewings, or is It up to you to coordinate?

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