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Top Reasons for Selling a Property

Selling a property is a big decision and one that the majority of people do not take lightly. There is a great deal of work that needs to be done in order to legally, conveniently and properly sell a property in London and the UK. The modern day UK property market is a good investment.

As the UK’s services industry improves and transport hubs and connections improve and become better yet, more and more people need properties. There is an abundance of landlords looking to cash in on demand, current homeowners looking to step up on the property ladder and even first time buyers.

Bricks and mortar can prove to be a very profitable and reliable way to invest your money, or in the case of others, unlock your money. There are a variety of reasons why many turn to selling rather than say renting out or converting the property. It isn’t just people in debt troubles either who are cashing in. there simply isn’t a ‘profile’ of a home seller in the UK.

Almost all the time, the best way to sell a property is to do so through a reputable and established estate agency, such as ABC Estates, who possess over 50 years of experience in the industry.

Why though, would you wish to sell a property, which could make you thousands of pounds per year in rent?

Downsizing – This typically tends to relate to those in their 50s, 60s and older, who reside in what was once the ‘family home.’ With children having moved out, or looking to move out in the near future, downsizing to a smaller property allows for a property more suited to fewer occupants. It will also generate some spare money as a result of the sale of a larger home in exchange for a smaller property.

Upsizing – The polar opposite of the above. With younger couples and occupants often looking for a step up the property ladder, the natural progression is a larger property. However, there are also those in their 50s and older who with their offspring moving out, very much like the idea of them coming to stay (perhaps with grandchildren) from time to time and a larger property accommodates this.

Investment Opportunities – Perhaps there is a business deal that is just too great and potentially lucrative to pass up or perhaps it’s another property that cannot be missed. Sometimes though, you may have to sell a property in order to fund and drive forward an investment or business opportunity that you feel passionately about and that is too good to miss.

Getting Up the Property Ladder – The UK property market is one of the most desirable in the world; particularly in Greater London and central areas. Therefore, if the opportunity arises to sell one property and buy another that is a step up the ladder, most would not turn that down. It is after all, an investment in the future.

Retirement – Often with retirement and the end of one’s full time working life comes a sense of ‘winding down’ and ‘having a bit of cash for a rainy day.’ Therefore, many turn to selling their existing property and downsizing to keep some of the surplus funds for as and when they are needed.

Home Sales Made Easy as ABC
ABC Estates are experts in all areas of property and home sales and with the teams of experts we employ and work with, your property and its prospects are safer than they would be anywhere else. Over 50 years of experience in the industry means that we are best placed to sell your property in Greater London, no matter your reason for selling.

From the valuation to the viewings, all the way to the legal documents and paperwork, our team make the process of selling a home that bit easier for you and your family. We always ensure that you get the best price for your property and that the sale is completed in the best timeframe possible.

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Our team comprises some of the property industry’s finest property valuation specialists, sales executives, legal experts and surveyors.

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