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Selling Tips for Your Home

When it comes to selling a property, in particular your home, things can get difficult. With personal connections and memories that you won’t have with any other property, no matter the size of your property portfolio. Our team

There are so many ways in which you can sell a property, especially if it is your primary property and your place of abode. There are so many options available. Do you put it on the market yourself? Should you sell your property through an estate agent? Perhaps you should auction it at one of London’s many property auctions?

The options are endless and that doesn’t make your decision any easier. There are pros and cons to every method of selling your home and they should all, always be considered. However, there are also ways in which you can make your home sell faster and at a better price.

For example, selling your own property through an estate agent will allow you to hand over all of the hard work, chasing clients, paperwork and formalities to a professional or a team of professionals who will complete what is needed with minimal fuss. However, when you go to an estate agent you need to be willing to part with a few percent of the sales fee or perhaps a flat fee for their services, as you would if you used any other service.

Then there is the private sales market. Selling your home via a private can be very beneficial. You will see all of the money you receive in return for the property and you won’t have to pay anyone for help in selling. However, private sales mean that you will need to take care of everything and be on top of all aspects of the sale.

From instructing a solicitor, to viewings, to working out what tax and expenses you will have to pay; with private sales, it will be entirely your responsibility.

When it comes to property auctions, it can lead to a quick sale. From one minute to the next at a property auction, you can land yourself a hefty profit as bidders seek to secure your treasured home. However, by the same token, even with a reserve price, you can end up with a shortfall that wouldn’t necessarily be the case through other sales methods.

Sell Your Home Faster by Being Smart
While there is no magic trick that will lead to the sale of your home, there are a number of things you can do; both inside your house and out that won’t necessarily guarantee its sale, but which will greatly increase the chances of selling your property.

A few fairly minor additions and a few simple bits of attention to detail, may add a few thousand or even more to its overall value, which never goes amiss in the current property market.

ABC have compiled 5 of the most effective and cost efficient ways to very easily spruce up your property and get it sold:

  • Tidy Up and Clean – A clean and tidy property is far more welcoming to potential buyers who come to see your home. With the property in a clean and welcoming state, buyers will be much more inclined to look around and see the good side and the positive aspects of your home.
  • The Outside Areas – A neat and tidy back garden, a clear and welcoming front garden or path all give off a very good impression before the potential buyer has even stepped foot in much of your house.
  • Add a Lick of Paint – It will come as no surprise that freshly decorated properties show their owners in a very positive light. It not only shows that you, the proprietor and inhabitant take pride in your property; keeping it freshly decorated. Something as simple as a new coat of paint shows anyone viewing the property that you have invested more time and money than required of you in the property.
  • Open Plans – If possible, and if you are certain that you are going to sell your home, create an open plan design to add more space and a ‘fresher’ look. Create a through-lounge or get rid of that wall between the lounge and dining room and your home will appear far less cramped and imposing than it may actually be.
  • The Kitchen – Believe it or not, but the room of the property where you will spend the vast majority of your time is not the lounge or the bedroom, but the kitchen. It’s where you prepare your food, have those impromptu conversations and that extra glass of wine. The kitchen should be as clean, tidy and up to date as possible, with minimum clutter to obstruct its décor and all it has to offer.

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