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Selling a Commercial Property in London

When it comes to selling a commercial property, especially in London’s competitive property market can be difficult and daunting process. The laws, requirements and regulations all differ from the kinds of property sales most are accustomed to.

Whether the commercial property being sold or let is a restaurant, a shop, a garage or anything else, the challenges you, the seller will face are far greater than when selling a residential property.

ABC Estates has been letting and selling commercial properties for over 50 years, combining modern day practices with traditional values. Your commercial property is guaranteed to get sold for the best price and in the best possible time. We employ a dedicated team, overseeing all of our commercial property sales and lettings across the London and Greater London area.

We are more than just an estate agency. We are a family run business with a real passion for providing great service and outstanding results to each and every one of our customers. We always ensure that every client and customer of ours is 100% satisfied every time.

Contact our team today and ask for our sales team. We will make sure that every base is covered for your peace of mind and convenience when it comes to letting and selling any commercial property in London.

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Commercial Property Sales in London Can Be Tough
The commercial property market in London is a truly difficult market to crack. It is however, becoming increasingly popular with investors.

With ABC Estates, you will have a dedicated agent, who will be you point of contact and who will be there for you and your property 24/7, throughout the year.

From property valuations, to viewings, to the formalities, legalities and paperwork, we will take all of the hard work off of your hands and ensure that the property in question is sold for you as quickly as possible, without compromising on our levels of outstanding customer service.

We Are Commercial Property Market Experts
We know the commercial sales and lettings markets inside out and our team are always sure to comply with all rules and regulations; taking modern day market trends into account.

Commercial properties may incur taxes such as Business Rates and Capital gains tax and this should always be checked. This can affect restaurants, office space, shop premises and others.

For residential properties, there are fewer taxes and regulations (for the most part). This is because the majority of people will only own one property if any. So, rather than over regulating and overtaxing, there is a fair bit of leeway to allow more people to get onto the property ladder effectively.

Capital Gains Tax
It is important when selling a commercial property in London or elsewhere in the UK that you, the seller ensure that Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is accounted for, allowing you to acquire the profits you are entitled to, whilst paying the tax you are obliged to pay.

When selling a property other than your primary residence [your home], you will need to pay CGT. When you sell a commercial property with us, unlike with other agents, we take care of everything relating to CGT, ensuring you only pay what you need to.

Mortgage Arrangements
It is no secret that getting a mortgage, particularly for buy-to-let and commercial purposes is tough. Many lenders and banks are turning away applicants who in the past would have landed their mortgage. It is crucial that the application for your mortgage and your paperwork is properly managed in order to give you the best chance of success.

We work with some of the finest solicitors, valuation experts and mortgage professionals in the country so that when you come to sorting out your mortgage, it is plain sailing and hassle-free.

We Never Take Long to Let or Sell Commercial Properties in London
Leaving a commercial property empty means that you are losing money every hour of every day it stays empty. We always aim to get the property in question sold or let as quickly as possible for you. Knowing the London commercial property, sales and lettings markets as we do, allows your property to be best placed to receive the best chance of getting sold, with maximum return.

Our team will take care of every aspect of your property including assessing square footage and the property’s dimensions, measurements and specifications. We will also collate all of the necessary legal and technical documents to save you the time and expense of doing so.

We manage every enquiry and all viewings for your commercial property ensuring it is fully fit for purpose; be it a shop, restaurant or other commercial premise. This means that we can position the property in the best way possible to maximise return, speeding up the time it takes to sell it.

Categories of Premises
Commercial properties are sometimes referred to as ‘business premises,’ as they are used to generate business and run businesses. There are also subcategories worth knowing about:

Leisure – These include public houses [pubs], clubs, hotels, sports facilities and similar. They provide leisure services as part of a business and commercial model.

Retail – Retail premises are shops, all retail premises and shopping centres too. These premises will typically make their money through the sale of distinct goods and products.

Offices – This includes what is commonly referred to as ‘shared office spaces.’ Offices are usually used to run the day to day requirements of businesses, to help generate more profit and revenue.

Industrial – Industrial premises include those such as garages and warehouses. If however, a warehouse was converted into office space, the premises’ categorisation would need to be amended accordingly.

Ultimately, when business premises are rented or bought, they will serve a specific purpose. As a proprietor, you may wish to rent out the space to acquire rental money each month. Alternatively, you might seek to use the premises for its intended use as part of your business model to increase your return on investment (ROI).

Get in Touch for all Commercial Property Enquiries
Get in touch with us today to find out how with ABC Estates you could sell or let your commercial property in London for the best price, in the quickest time possible and with the finest service to be found anywhere.

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Our team will take care of every one of your requirements and will make sure that you get the highest levels of service and the best return when you let or sell a commercial property with us.

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Our team comprises some of the property industry’s finest property valuation specialists, sales executives, legal experts and surveyors.

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