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How Estate Agencies Are Adapting in 2021

2020 brought huge changes to estate agents in the UK and the wider property industry, much like with most industries. Many estate agencies have had to lose staff or even close due to the changes and sometimes even a lack of demand. This has resulted in many estate agencies changing and adapting how they operate to keep afloat and to continue. But as we move into the new year how exactly are estate agencies adapting to the new landscape of the UK property market of 2021?

Using Facebook Ads to Target Buyers

Facebook Ads can provide massive opportunities to direct your properties to the right audience. They can also effectively target the right people and prospective customers for the right properties and opportunities.

Not to mention that a Facebook pixel for example is able to track campaigns and make sure they are being seen by an agency’s target audience. In a time where in person meetings are becoming less and less important and necessary, many estate agencies are using their vital presence to the best of their ability. It is also worth considering that many buyers are spending more and more time online, so online ads will be more effective than ever in 2021 and beyond.

Websites and Online Presence

Many estate agencies are beginning to invest more time, energy and money into making their websites more professional and user friendly. More than ever and with more people than ever before working from home, a professional website is vital to engaging potential buyers and this applies to estate agencies too. Professional and enticing photography and good user experience on your website may be the difference between the sale and losing a buyer or block management client.

Good Online Ads

Google ads are another way that estate agencies are creating business and attracting buyers in 2021.

Google ads can boost traffic to estate agencies’ websites by featuring them at the top of the list when potential buyers search for a website like theirs. Google ads also allows estate agencies to drive customers to their website by targeting new customers, while retargeting and displaying adverts to those who have already visited your site and drawing them back in to re-engage.

The variable pricing options for google ads means that it can be a great option for estate agencies of all sizes. There is absolutely no limit to what you can spend with google advertising, with no minimum price for your ads even just £5 a day can be put towards your advertising, making it a valuable tool for any real estate agencies.

Virtual and Online Viewings

With restrictions on viewings having been ever-present in 2020, virtual viewings have become a staple for many estate agencies and property platforms like never before and it does not seem as though this trend is going anywhere anytime soon.

Virtual viewings entail filming a viewing of the property and then posting it along with the photographs of the property, or allowing potential buyers to request the recording. This means buyers can get a clear sense of the size, standard and feel of a property without ever setting foot in it and prior to any in-person viewings. It also means that an increased number prospective buyers and renters can initially see a property before having set foot in it.

This also means less hassle for sellers and estate agents as in person viewings are cut down to a minimum, so less interruptions for the seller and less hassle for the estate agent. Investing in a good quality recording of properties can make a huge difference for estate agencies, and for buyers and sellers too.

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